Hear that chewing noise in your ceiling? The pitter-patter of scurrying little feet down the hallway? The sound of someone stealing pinches of bread from the pantry in the wee hours of the night? Those cute little ears slowly popping out over the top of your TV cabinet while you’re watching your favourite movie? Or those tiny little eyes burning through the popcorn packet you left sitting on the couch!


17 years failure-proof rodent treatment in Gympie

Promax has had many long years of experience in baiting rodents. You could say we’re veterans!

There is no end to the smorgasbord of bait formulations on the market today with a tug-of-war between brands trying to take the podium. Fortunately for you… Promax knows exactly what works and in over 17 years I’ve never had a failure in rodent treatments.

My preferred baiting solution for all rodents has been bullet proof and has provided 100% of my clients with an unmatched result to this day.

The only individuals unhappy with my treatments are the rodents themselves and their closest family members!

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