Termite Inspections

Book in your termite / timber pest inspection or pre-purchase inspection and I’ll provide you with a comprehensive and thorough inspection using Thermal Imaging Technology, State of the art Termatrac Radar Device, Moisture Detector, internal & external visual inspection, tried and tested manual techniques and a thorough timber pest inspection report followed up by the latest Industry Standards on Termite control, eradication and management installations for your home.

Rather than focusing on getting to the next job, I’ll spend the time making sure you get an unmatched, thorough, genuine service

We pull out all the stops when it comes to termite inspections.

Promax Gympie provides a thorough timber pest inspection report followed up by the latest and best industry standards on termite control, eradication, and management installations for your home, including:

● Leading-edge Thermal Imaging Technology
● State-of-the art Termatrac Radar Device
● Moisture Detector
● Internal & external visual inspection
● Tried and tested manual techniques

termite inspections

Promax takes Termite
Inspections very seriously

I know your home is your most valuable asset & for most people it takes a whole lifetime of hard work to pay for it and that’s a BIG DEAL. Termite damage in the home usually goes unnoticed until it’s too late and significant damage has already occurred. Home insurance does not cover termite damage and the cost to engage a builder and other trade services to repair the damage can explode into tens of thousands of dollars, much more than the price of a yearly inspection.

This is why it’s so important to engage an experienced professional who genuinely cares about your life investment and is willing to spend a serious amount of time inspecting it thoroughly

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