Termite Treatments,
Management Systems & Installations

Treating termites should never be a DIY project.

Each situation varies from house to house & there are a range of serious factors that need to be determined before choosing the best & proposed method of treatment.

Some methods may include: Locating a hidden nest in a wall & directly treating the nesting site with an approved liquid chemical product; Use of a termiticidal dusting agent which may be applied directly into the termite workings & galleries; Strategic placement of a baiting compound which is checked periodically & replenished as required; Drilling & injection of an approved termiticide through internal &/or external concrete floor slabs, patio slabs, foundation walls & retaining walls; Removing soil along footings & flooding these areas with an approved termiticide; Installation of aggregation systems around the home for the purpose of attracting termites with the potential use of adding a bait matrix; Or locating an external nesting site & treating the nest directly.

Once we’ve carried out a thorough inspection of the property & taken all factors into consideration, then we can formulate a plan best suited to your situation & offer you our final recommendation & advice.

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