There are a number of significant termite species which are prevalent throughout mainland Australia.

Each with its own unique nesting habits, its own timber preferences and all have their own level of destructive capability. Some species are considered to be of major economic importance and require immediate professional attention due to their destructive capabilities and the extent of damage which may have already occurred.

Others are considered to be of minor or lesser economic importance and may take a little longer to cause damage. Either way, it takes years of knowledge and experience to determine the road forward and formulate an action plan best suited to the termite species, construction style of your home and environmental factors surrounding your property. As a matter of extreme precaution, it’s imperative that any newfound termite activity in your home is not disturbed in any way. Doing so can seriously and adversely affect your treatment options, create further unexpected damage in concealed areas and even prevent successful treatment resulting in an unfavourable outcome.

So hold yourself back from attempting a DIY fix and give us call without delay.


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