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Termite Inspections

Termite damage in the home usually goes undetected until it’s too late & significant damage has been caused. Keep in mind that your home insurance does not cover termite damage. The cost then to treat the newfound infestation & repair the damage to your home can cost you thousands, much much more than the price of a yearly inspection. Therefore it is extremely important to keep your annual termite inspections up to date.

On average it takes approximately an hour & a half to complete a thorough termite inspection on a standard size home. We cover all areas of the property including the yard, subfloor, internal areas & the roof void. At Promax, we use a combination of Thermal Imaging Technology, Temperature, Moisture Metering Devices, Borescope when required & hands-on manual techniques to fully & thoroughly inspect your most valuable asset.

If you prefer, you can request an annual reminder to have your termite inspections locked in at the same time each year.

Termite Treatments

Treating active live termites in & around the home should not be attempted by an untrained operator. Treatment is not as simple as purchasing a bottle of chemical from the hardware store & spraying the area of concern. Doing so will result in putting your home at further risk, non-elimination of the nest & colony & likely cost you more than contracting a professional, as others have unfortunately come to realise.

Remember: DIY Termite Treatments always end up botched & fall short of eradication.

There are a range of treatment options including: baiting, foaming, direct injection, dry chemical application, direct nest eradication etc… However, this is a specialist task requiring extensive training & knowledge. It is extremely important to use the correct chemical & application methods depending on such factors as termite species, size of colony, nesting habits specific to the species, entry points, extent of damage, moisture location, building elements & other important factors in the surrounding environment.

Termite Barriers

Termite Barriers are an excellent form of protection for your home against the devastating effects & loss caused by termites. Chemical installation methods usually require digging, trench & flood &/or drilling & injection through concrete to the external perimeters (& sometimes the internals) of the dwelling. Other options may be the installation of a physical reticulation system for new & existing buildings & structures.

We Can’t Stress This Point Enough

At the first sight of “any” termite activity: Do not disturb under any circumstances!

Call your Promax Pest Control Immediately!

If you happen to find termites in or around your home, the “worst possible” thing you can do is disturb them.

Termites are extremely shy & will withdraw from the current location once disturbed. This will ruin any possibility of treating them & since termites are a subterranean pest, locating them now will be impossible until they show up in another area of your home & by then, damage will likely be extensive.

For any further information, don’t hesitate to call us.